Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random and Annoying

  • Person in the ladies room using six paper towels. A) Your hands are not that large.  B) the sound of the motion-activated towel dispenser spitting out towel after towel is almost as annoying as your standing in front of it and frantically waving.  There is something wrong with you.
  • Me, for washing, drying, and folding, but not putting away, my work clothes, and subsequently spending a good ten minutes this morning cursing my way through a large laundry basket of clean clothes, looking for my favorite black pants, which were actually in the drawer the whole time.  DOH!
  • My children, for failing to understand the urgency of me wearing that specific pair of pants on this particular day, and calling me out for throwing a hissy fit.
  • My car, for not magically replenishing itself with motor oil or transmission fluid, or any of the other go juices I can't keep track of.  I'm just gonna say it--keeping cars running is what men are for.  Yes, that is kinda rotten of me to say, but it is on the list, right next to "Brings me coffee in the morning."  I especially want some MALE to do this for me because when I, a person without a penis, walk in to a mechanic shop, there is automaticallly a lot more wrong with the car than my puny female mind could ever grasp, the work is all urgently needed, and the cost goes up exponentially, depending on whether or not I'm wearing cute shoes that day.  I'm only sexists because the mechanics are, people...


  1. Don't you just tell the mechanics that you'll tell your husband...maybe they should write it down so you don't forget....

    I used to do it all the time - until I got a good mechanic.

  2. Casually mention to the mechanic that you are an investigative reporter and ask if they mind if you use their lobby phone to make a few phone calls while you wait for your vehicle. That should help keep your costs down.

  3. HA! You guys are funny. I'm new to this "don't have a man and need my car fixed" thing...

  4. I've decided to steal the title to this post. You inspire me. :-)

  5. Huh. All this time taking the cars in and didn't know EITHER of those tricks. Love them both. :)

  6. They are so helpful, aren't they? :-)

  7. went to check my brakes (yrs ago when I was much, um, younger? blonder?) and didn't understand why they put my whole car up on the car-up-thing. They took me out to see what was going on and when they said something about my back brakes, I said, "I don't have back brakes." The mechanic said that I did. I replied, "Well, I don't use them!"

    Good thing I wasn't paying for that bill.....

    Now I take the tattoo'd pierced dude who knows things and they don't F with me. (not my dude, friend's tenant, bummer)

  8. Oh, yeah--I totally need a male stand-in who looks like he might just reach out an smack someone, not that tattoo's denote that, but they do help!


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