Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random. It's Random (*yawn*)

  • @RevRunWisdom IS INSIDE MY HEAD.  OMG!  Like, I have a thought, and he tweets it!  How does he do that???  I'm a little freaked out.
  • I hear from my inside sources that my replacement at my old job is also named "Shelly".  I'm sure the intention was that it be a totally seamless transition and that if they just hire someone with the same name, no one will notice.  This should work out just fine.
  • The caffeine ratio in my body is a total mess because I'm not working this week.  The usual day involves mega-dosing from about 6-9AM, then taper off to nothing before noon, maybe a soda later in the day.  This morning?  Half a cup of coffee, then sleep.  Then around noon, another cup.  And around 2PM, one more cup.  No soda.  I'm a bit bleary-eyed, is what I'm sayin'...
  • The bad thing about days off, in addition to poor caffeine habits, is thinking that a handful chocolate covered peanuts makes an acceptable lunch, because you're just going to lay back down again, anyway.
  • At some point in the day, on a weekday when you are not working, you look at the clock and say, "Good grief!  How did it get to be three o'clock already?  What have I been DOING all day?" and then you remember the long naps.  Then your kids come home from school and scold you for not getting anything done all day except sleep.
  • But the sleep?  I need.  Going to bed at 10, waking up at 2:45AM...still have no idea why.  Annoying.  Whatever is going on in the universe at 3:00AM that I need to be awake for...somebody better get me a One-Sheet, is all I'm sayin'.  Shelly needs to know.  I don't even care if it's true, just make something up.
  • WOW!  I need to get back to being busy...I'm a total slug.  This too shall pass.  Reminds of of a funny bumper sticker I saw said, "Jesus is coming!  Look busy!"  Yeah...that's pretty much how I'm operating at the moment.
  • I promise to be productive matter who's watching!  I'll pack the chocolate covered peanuts into school lunches so the children doze off in the middle of doing some complicated Math equation, and I'll eat nothing but fruit and vegetables all day!  And I'll drink coffee like I mean it!  I'll....I'll....yeah, who am I kidding...?


  1. Okay - regarding your caffeine intake schedule and your diet and your basic daily life? Welcome to my frickin' world.

    How I get anything accomplished EVER is beyond me.

  2. I've been up a couple of times this week at THREE A.M. Weird. Mine is sick kids. So, I'm sure yours is body memory of sick kids. Use that as the reason.

  3. Might be something just like that...


  4. Seamless.......snork. Love the seamless plans.....

    Choc covered peanuts *aren't* an okay lunch? Who decided that?!? If I had some, I'd eat them for lunch just because. Sheesh.

    Yes. Will you Please get a job so the rest of us (okay, me) can feel like we're doing something when we make you jealous? Thank you.

    Freakin A--doesn't know me again--IDB.......

  5. HA! I HAVE a job, honey...just doesn't start til Monday! So YOU can be jealous of all the relaxing and lying around like a slug that I've been doing... :-)

  6. Yep, that's me. Green with jealousy......

    and, oh yeah. Good luck with that, Mr Obama..

    (did you know the winners get a million dollars? Is a sittng president allowed to accept that?)

  7. Why...IDB, I do believe I detected a bit of sarcasm in your tone there....hehe. You're not envious of the fact that I barely got vertical all week? Woke up, ambled around the apartment and noshed, without showering, for THREE DAYS? Pulled on the same shirt and jeans for all three of them, too, bitches (when I needed to not be wearing pajamas, that is...). Then finally soaked in the tub and started returning to consciousness around Thursday at noon.

    It's was a slug's life. And now it's over. Felt a little like a religious retreat. Well, like a monk thing, not a Christian thing. Nobody sang any psuedo-pop Jesus songs.

    Anyway. Cash? Yeah, I believe there is some with that...maybe he'll donate it? Who knows? It's not like the Presidency isn't a paid position.


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