Monday, October 26, 2009

Grandma Face

The pre-shower face in the mirror this morning was pretty frightening, what with "jowel-y" not being considered a compliment in today's society.


Luckily, severe exfoliation seemed to help.


I loved my Grandma Roseanna, but seem to recall her face looking so much better on her, and on my mother.


The Grandma Face thing is making me think about the number 43.  Yes, age is just a number, but age combined with Grandma Face can lead to tears. 


Correction: Age combined with Grandma Face DOES lead to tears.


Because I tend to follow these kinds of thoughts to their bitter end, I concluded that most men don't have the capacity to appreciate interesting-looking women (or Interesting Women in general…), and if you're in your 40's and don't happen to look like Demi Moore, you can pretty much count on never having sex again, ever. 


Not that I plan to stop exfoliation and moisturizing and battling grey hair and eating good food and getting off my ass to move around, in some insane effort to test this theory…


…but I won't be doing it because I'm worried some guy won't think I'm cute.  I mean…why would I want someone who is incapable of being interested in Interesting?  I've been interesting for 40 years…it's all I know how to do.  Besides exfoliate.


  1. Nah, 43 is NOTHIN'. I'm staring 45 in the FACE. And I'm going to beat its ASS. Seriously. I'm not skeered. Not me.

    And you are absolutely right. The guys who aren't interested in interesting aren't worth the time of day.

    (FYI, I am NOT admitting to grandma face. Not now, not ever. Oh, I know that it is there, but I'm not admitting it.)

  2. I've been fighting with 43 since I was 35 or so. She's such a bitch, seriously...

    Keri, you look maybe 35, maybe. You are definitely kicking 45's ass.

    I admit to Grandma Face only because my grandmother, and my mom and all her sisters have a certain shape to their face--looks good on all of them! LOL Elegant, I would say. Just doesn't look good until you're ready to face the day (that is, after you are clean and made up...)


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