Monday, October 12, 2009

And Now We're Doing This For A While

Mmm-Kay! New job starts today! I can't say with any certainty how often I'll be visiting Blogtopia for the next few weeks while I stumble through "new girl" stuff (training...old dog, new tricks, etc.) but I will most definitely try to pop in from time to time.

After all, this is ME we're talking about, and surely some venting will be required...

But if you should happen to notice that it seems more lame than usual around here while I'm starting my life over (again), please note that this is only temporary. After all, I am both compulsive, and a huge attention pig, and this does tend to translate into lots of "Look at Me!" behavior...

For those needing a more steady fix of smart-ass commentary, I recommend hitting me up on Twitter, since 140 characters will be more amenable to my training schedule.

Just watch--now that I have said all of this, October will turn out to be my most prolific writing month, ever! Aaaaand then the joke will be on you...

Much love, and Have Fun!


  1. Hope your first day is fun!
    Okay, maybe "fun" is pushing it -
    hope your fist day doesn't suck...nah, thats a little passive aggressive.

    Have a good day!

  2. Best of luck today! Hope it went well. Mine was a breeze, even got sprung early. But then again, it is only a temp job and I didn't have to learn the whole thing.

    Twitter was sucking ass today when I most wanted to utilize it. Grr. But I did see you were doing okay. Hope your trainer is back tomorrow. Okay. I'm outta here.........


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