Thursday, October 29, 2009

Skellington Quiz

It is a really spectacular day.



I'm not just saying that.



OK, maybe I AM just saying that, but…believe it!




Here are a couple of reasons for the spectacularness—first of all, I walked into my office this morning and found a substantial bag of candy on my chair.  My co-workers are so sweet and so awesome.  Have I mentioned how glad I am to be here?


Second, I was able to locate both a shirt AND pants easily this morning, with no hissy fits.  OK, I cheated.  They were both in the dryer.  Undergarments, too.  Jeez, what the hell was I thinking when I threw that load in to be washed?  I'd like to blame one of the kids for that, but it was all me…


Third, well, it's just a damn fine day.  Feeling the warm, fuzzy thoughts, and senses are high.  You know how you can just tell someone is thinking nice things about you?  Yeah…that's super-cool.  Even when they are being a total brat. ;-)  You know who you are.


Today, I thought I would ask a few Halloween questions!  Ready?


  1. One of my daughter's friends is forbidden from trick-or-treating this year because she is now a 9th grader.  Personally, I encourage my kids to go trick-or-treating, as long as they are respecting the tradition: Dress up (no creativity, no go…), have fun, and be courteous of both the homeowners and the little kids who are out having their own Halloween fun.  What do you think?  Cuz I think that parent needs to lighten the hell up...
  2. Candy, Candy, Candy.  What kind do you give away, and what kind do you sneak out of your kids' treat bags?  Ever give away crappy candy on purpose?  How about broccoli?  Ever give out broccoli?  Wouldn't that be freaking hilarious?
  3. Will you be wearing a costume this year?  I'm wearing devil horns.  Actually, I have them on right now.  I think I'll just leave them on from now through the weekend.  I have to hit the DMV on Saturday, and I'm sure the devil horns will be a huge hit.  Maybe I should renew my license with them on, too?  Oh, never mind—they didn't let me get my picture taken with my sunglasses on my head, what makes me think they'd let me wear devil horns?  There are people on this planet (you know who you are) who have literally never seen me without some variety of glasses propped up on my head, so it's not like I don't always look like that…
  4. Is anyone else soooooo done with the Chicks Dressing Up Like Hookers/Strippers and Calling It A Costume thing?  Self esteem that low, huh?  Daddy issues?  Then why don't you show some guts and become a REAL Hooker/Stripper?  Chicken-sh*t…

Is that enough to get you thinking?  Gooooood....then my work here is done.


  1. (no one jumping on this one yet?!?)
    1--Lighten the F up.
    2--I steal tootsie rolls but only the chubby ones and snickers teeny tiny ones. I have size issues.....and I give little bags of skittles so when there are some left I can take all the green ones and leave the others to fossilize in a bowl.
    3--Not since June. yaknow. But I used to have a pink glitter magic wand that I carried around. Tooth fairy at her day job. Pretty darn clever of me......
    4--Nobody sends me any tramps so there should be no tramps. (It's a working theory, not universally accepted yet.)

    Cursing Mama won something somewhere--congrats!!! (this is the only place I know her from...)

  2. Tooth Fairy at her day job...awesome!

    And Cursing Mama, if it's chocolate that you won, you know the rules...

  3. CM won chocolate!?!? I might know where to find her...

  4. HA! We don't know what she won. Well, IDB might know, and CM probably knows, but I have no idea...LOL But if it WAS chocolate, you go right ahead and track her down!


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