Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm between jobs.  It's a technicality right now because I'm supposed to be starting a new job next Monday, and my old job just ended on Friday.  So...between.  Time off.

I haven't had a week off know, I don't know if I should even say it.  My life has been such a disaster for the last couple of years, it would take too long to explain what I consider "time off".  I will say, however, that "time off" is NOT that time when you are desperately looking for work and haven't found any yet--that's not "time off", that's work.  Work for no pay, I might add.  So there was about a year and a half of that with no break, and, three changes of household--also not leisure time.  I guess, all things considered, the last time I had any "time off" was around Christmas of 2007.  Oh, and I was married, then, so that doesn't even count as time off.  HA!  Not being mean, just stating a fact--I tend to be care-taking whether it is asked for or not.  I seem to recall having someone over for Christmas Eve that I had never even met before--my husband had invited him.  So I cooked for a stranger.  Also not vacation-y.  And if I had to guess, I'd say maybe my hubby was banging him on the side.  Of course, I wouldn't have known that at the time...but I digress. (ahem...unsubstantiated rumor...)

So I was thoroughly enjoying my first day off in forever, of which the enjoyment actually started sometime around mid-day Sunday, when I started feeling so blissfully peaceful about not having to be anywhere or do anything for anyone, and not having to worry about anything, at least for a little while, when I got a text from someone at my old job.  It appears that my boss failed to tell anyone that I was leaving.

Yes...failed to mention it to anybody.  Now, it's not like there should have been a ticker tape parade or anything...but it's also not like I didn't do anything all day, and, basically, there was no plan in place to cover that.


I know I'm only COMPLETELY FLABBERGASTED by this because I am one of those Over-Plan types who finds great comfort in making sure all the bases are covered six different ways before anything goes down--that way I can relax (read: screw around) for all of the rest of the time.  It's a system that works for me--your mileage may vary.  Maybe you LIKE scrambling and throwing things together at the last possible second, missing deadlines and doing things half-ass, and, that's cool, just, not my thing.

I'm also one of those hyper-communicator types, which goes well with the Over-Plan thing.  Not that I try to discuss huge topics all day (did you know 'Giving Dharma' refers to the giving of teachings to other sentient beings with pure motivation to benefit them?  Now you do.  Thank you Dalai Lama.), but, if I work with you, I'm pretty much always talking, asking questions, covering bases.  I'm on the email, chat, phone, texting, blah-blah-blah.  I assume pretty much everybody needs to know pretty much everything.  In my opinion, that is how things run smoothly...everyone's on the same page. (remind me to try that with my social life if I ever get one).

Anyway...I'm extra glad to not be at work today.  And, I guess, extra glad I quit that job.  Kinda how I was extra glad I left my husband after I heard all those unsubstantiated rumors.


  1. I just don't know what to say. I am possibly flabbergasted and not so sure which item is flabbergasting me the most. Maybe its the part where you reveal that you said you were relaxing mid-day on Sunday; that was very revealing & shocking.

  2. Was this a multi-flabbergast post? HA! Just kidding...

    It was extra bizarro, last week--I mean, the only people who knew I was leaving were the ones I told, and, I kept thinking "it really isn't my JOB to tell people, but I feel like I should, and yet, I don't want to step on anybody's toes" so I ended up just telling random people that I was friendly with--meanwhile, I heard yesterday that there were a couple of supervisors that I work closely with but who are NOT my boss, who had NO IDEA until Monday morning. Disaster! I mean, why would you not communicate that? Just a simple email! Now I'm afraid they're all gonna think I the flake who just stopped showing up to work one day, even though I gave proper notice....annoying.

  3. as opposed to just a regular flake?
    Has anyone called you at home yet to see if your coming in or to ask you WTF is up with just not giving notice...he he he

  4. Nobody has called except one of my former co-workers (who knew I was leaving) to ask how to do certain aspects of my job because now she got stuck doing it...poor thing.

    I'm only moderately flaky, thank you... :-) And hardly flaky at all regarding work!

  5. It's just so weird to me that I would give her notice and she wouldn't tell ANYONE! By midweek last week, the people I told were coming to HER and asking about it, and she was getting all pissed weird.


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