Friday, October 9, 2009

No Pressure

Can I just say a quick thing about the President winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

Can you IMAGINE the meetings going on right now? I mean...did he know that he was in line for this thing? Is it like an Academy Award, where you know you're nominated?

Because if not, I have a feeling that right now, the man and his staff are sweating bullets.

No Pressure! Nothing to prove! You're fine! No worries!

Not so much.


Because you know, and, I've seen it already, that a lot of people are saying he "bought" the thing, but...don't you think that, politically, that would be just about the stupidest thing he could possibly do? Seems like just digging yourself a hole, in my opinion.

Best of luck to you Mr. President, and I hope that you can overcome this honor.


  1. Sometimes changing attitudes is half the battle and I think he has certainly done that. He has also made politics appealing to a much wider spectrum of people. People (like myself) who did not care about politics in the least before are now out voting and keeping themselves informed on what is going on in our world. And that IS an accomplishment.

    But I totally agree, pressure is on.

  2. Unfortunately, it is impossible to measure "moved a nation", which, I think he did, quite frankly. And also, we have such a different view of ourselves inside this country, than other countries have of us.

    And ALSO...well, there's just a lot of hate for that man, which is absolutely heartbreaking. People are so afraid, and, they are acting out and lashing out. Many people would never think he had earned such a thing, even it was given to him ten years from now, or twenty.

    I'm glad that he got it, though I know it's going to make things difficult for him. Like I said, it just goes to show you how differently other countries view us. I trust that the Nobel committee made the right choice, and I think it's weird that nobody has ever questioned their choices, throughout all these years, until Friday Morning. That's messed up...

  3. Congratulations Barack, for the honor of not being George Bush.

    I love Barack and if I could have one wish in the world, it would be to go out with Barack and Michelle for a beer and a good long chat.

    But I too winced when I heard about it. Don't they know he's a little BUSY right now for these award ceremonies? And vile people in this country will just use it as fodder against him?

    I listen to a lot of BBC news and I sincerely think we, as Americans, couldn't grasp just how much we were hated when GB was in office.

    Well, now I think we have a bit clearer of an idea.


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