Monday, March 1, 2010

Deep Thoughts, Important Questions, and Scientific Observations

Pay attention, now, this is serious.
  • Did anyone ever use the word "fantabulous" before Van Morrison did it?
  • Does anyone now?
  • The Michael Buble "thing" from the closing ceremonies last night....anyone?  Anyone?  I mean, when I saw him standing there, singing, dressed as a Mounty, I thought, "uh, that's kinda lame".  THEN I saw the backup singers file onto the stage, in their semi-tarty "mounty" (read "Mount Me") costumes.  THEN Buble tears away his own Mounty uniform to reveal that he's actually Bobby Darin!  Holy Sh*t.  I have no comment about giant inflatable beavers or moose--all of what came after Buble seemed perfectly appropriate by comparison.
  • This is good.  I mean, it's cool in a chill, black and white, behind-the-scenes sort of way.  AND, from what I have heard of it (snippets, only snippets), their new album really is quite exciting.  Very....awake.  Yes, that's a compliment!  Shut up!  In a month, when it's finally in my hot little hands, maybe I'll say some more nice things....
  • I had a hilarious time on Saturday night.  While searching for live music, and, not wanting to drive around the city all night, my friends and I ended up standing in front of a Motley Crue tribute band.  Now...I'm not about to judge anybody doing whatever in order to make a living--hey, as long as you're happy and you're not harming anyone, what the hell do I care?  The irony, pointed out by my friend, is that by paying an $8 cover charge to see this tribute band, we (he) paid more to see them than we paid to see the real Motley Crue when we were both in radio.  I realize that it is absolutely wrong of me to have very little concept how much a concert ticket costs.  I have bought some recently, so, I'm not a completely awful person, but, talking me out of a hundred bucks so I can look at someone famous is kind of a tough gig.  I've seen some really, really famous people and some really amazing shows, but not many of them were as entertaining to talk about the next day as the Motley Crue tribute band.  The audience alone was about a weeks worth of blog posts--you can't make this stuff up.  Besides, I think we have seen, from previous posts, (Here, Here, or Here...just to name a few) that the audience is usually just as, if not more, interesting than the band at any given show.


  1. I've heard a lot about the beavers. So sorry I missed them!

  2. I'll assume you are talking about the giant, inflatable beavers, and not Buble's back-up singers...


  3. The giant inflatable beavers did me in ~ the boys got a lot more mileage out of the whole thing than was really necessary. Since we also recorded it...well there is the chance I could see it again.

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