Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My horoscope says "You have an admirer, Shelly"
You're not just messing with me now, are you?
Oh, horoscope, horoscope...don't tell me that I have an admirer unless you can also tell me, "He's cute, his name is _____, and his phone number is __________.  Oh, and also, he doesn't appear to be psychotic."
See, those are the things I am curious about....


  1. Yeah.
    Those details are important!!

  2. At least it doesn't say marriage is imminent!

  3. But.
    *I* admire you.
    Not in _that_ way, but I'm sure I'm not the onliest one?

    (BTW--making a sofa sized quilt inspired afghan from sock yarn? Don't do it. Trust me.)

  4. Ahem. You are making a large afghan out of sock yarn? Speaking as someone who is on her 20-something day of making SOCKS with sock yarn, with no plans to finish this month, can I be the second one (after you) to say...."ARE YOU NUTS?" Is this some 40 year project? 50 year project? hehe....

    But seriously, IDB, send me pictures--I want to see your inspiration and progress, for real.

    And also? I made a mini proclamation to myself to step up the difficulty of the projects I work on, so, I'm right there with ya--I just know I will feel so much better about finishing something that took real effort, thought and time. And I'm optimistically shopping for the yarn for the next project, even though the dumb socks aren't done yet. I've finished the heels, so, they won't last forever, right? Pics to follow...


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