Monday, March 15, 2010

Purple-y Goodness

These socks? I adore.

Yes, this was my Olympic knitting project. Yes the 2010 Winter Olympics are long over. Yes, I just finished them. No, I didn't really actually watch very much of the Olympics. (Hmmm...maybe that is why these took so long?)

Anyway...finished! And it should also be noted that I quit smoking somewhere during and/or immediately before starting this project, so please feel free to file your Shelly For Sainthood noms with the Vatican (or wherever you do that...I'm not actually Catholic, so I'm probably not invited to that club, anyway...) because not only did I quit smoking, but I also quite smoking while trying a new technique, using teeny-tiny yarn and needles, making up a pattern and design as I went along, and, the clincher, cabling. Lots and lots of cabling. Did I mention that I hate cabling? Yeah...

Call this the "I'm A Bit Fuzzy On The Details" detail shot.

Use your Sharp Focus imagination to picture the pretty cabling and yarn-overs and picot edging and stuff.

Next up? Cover Hat from Knit Simple Mag, in black, for Punky. By the way, you can win a cover hat kit, just follow that link to enter, but the deadline is TODAY, March 15th, so you should hustle!


  1. Very nice socks! Clearly gold medal material

  2. They are so much prettier in person! Kinda like me....HA!


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