Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Woot Random Wednesday! (St. Patrick's Edition)

  • No, I'm not just Irish for the food.  Besides, if a lot of Americans were introduced to "real", day-to-day Irish food, they probably wouldn't like it as a consistent diet.  The stuff we are scarfing today is kinda like eating Taco Bell and calling it "Mexican Food"--it's really just a hint of a whisper of the actual thing, altered for your comfort.
  • Also?  I'm not wearing green.  I wear my name every day, that will have to do.
  • Having said all of that, yes, I'm totally cooking the food, and drinking the beer!  Duh!  But I'm not going out anywhere, because why?  Because St. Patrick's Day is one of those things we refer to as "Amateur Night".  Be safe, everybody!!!  Taxi drivers need love, too!
  • Feeling a little wonky at work--really just wonky about everything, in general.  A couple of years ago, I was all "Steady as she goes," but right now I'm very "What was I supposed to be doing?  I forgot."  Problem identified, problem eliminating weaponry at the ready. (OK, basically I just have to tell a couple people to f*ck off, but, "problem eliminating weaponry" sounds so much nicer...)  The thing is, I never developed the "skill" of goofing off and/or work avoidance....I wish I had!  Then I could be just like everybody else at work.
  • MyGawd I miss smoking.  Seriously.  I'm blaming the inability to stomp out of a room and go have a cigarette to 'cool off' as the prime reason I'm being such a doormat lately.  I'm not rebelling against anything!  I'm healthy and socially acceptable!  How BORING is that?
  • OK, kids....I think we're going.  You going, too?  Maybe you should.  I'm talking about The Blast.  I don't normally attend, but, as Cursing Mama will attest, the one-two punch of both Martin Zellar AND BoDeans may simply be too much to resist.  It'll be fun.  Maybe we'll run into that lumberjack-looking guy from First Ave who was very worried about Sammy's hair.  Or the Charlie Brown Dancers that we met in Stillwater.  Or any of the fine and funny people I've been telling stories about for all the years I've been attending BoDeans concerts.  Or maybe there will be some new people.  Or maybe it will be me that's funny, and you can write on your own blogs about the half-drunk sometime-redhead who laughed all night, and kept trying to smoke cigarettes amid the protests of her friends.  (They don't have ticket info up yet, that I can tell...I'll check back later...when I need yet another thing to distract me from wanting to smoke...)

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  1. Hi, I'll admit, I'm Scots/Irish (plus other stuff), yet I have no idea about what's considered as tradition food, other than sausage and saurcraut (sp?) See? I can't even spell it. I'm also allergic to a lot of foods, including alcohol, so St. Patrick's Day for me is not all that traditional anyway. But then, neither is it really for anybody else who celebrates the day of the Saint. So anyway...

    Hey, I'd like to invite you to check out my new site. It's called "Dear Pastor Andy" ( and is Christian Apologetics based with a Q&A format. I really think you'll like it.


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