Thursday, March 4, 2010

Be Mine

This morning, while walking from the parking garage into our office building, I looked over and saw that someone had written "Be Mine" in footprints in the snow in the large grassy (snowy) area adjacent to our building. Not only that, but they had also stomped a heart into the snow, right next to it.

I wonder how long that's been there?

One assumes Valentines Day. Or at least I do. But here it is, March 4th, and, that's the first time I saw it. Can you imagine if it was meant for you and you were me, and, you didn't see your very special and labor intensive overture until almost three weeks later?

Yikes. That conversation pretty much writes iteself.

"Uh....I didn't see it!"
"Didn't SEE it? It was 20 feet tall! How could you not see it?"

What if they broke up because one was thinking that the other never makes a gesture, and, so, the other made the huge snow gesture and then got pissed because the first person didn't acknowledge it? BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T SEE IT??? I can totally see that happening because, well, a guy not making a gesture is the kind of thing that annoys me, and also? I didn't see it. Until today.

What if a guy was making some last ditch effort to get a girl to pay attention to him and convinced himself that his midnight stomping escapade would be just the ticket, and she, like me, DIDN'T SEE IT?

Oh dear....that's really too sad to think about.

Hopefully, it was a sweet, corny, hokey thing where the person who did it called the other person and told them "Look out the window" and they ended up rolling in the snow in laughing celebration of how awesome it is that they have each other.

Those Jerks! Flaunting their happy like that...! annoying would that be to us single people? Us single people who are too busy to see the gigantic signs right in front of us. Hmmm...

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