Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I would call myself the Incredible Shrinking Woman were it not for the measurement of my thighs...

Today, I put on a dress and rushed out the door, to work.  Drove all the way here, made coffee, settled in, had a twenty minute conversation with a delightfully snarky person in Cincinnati (I'm not sure, but I think he may have insulted me...), and eventually took a coffee break.
It was during the coffee break that I realized that I was SWIMMING in this dress that I'm wearing.  As in, it's HUGE.  As in, I don't have enough body to fill it up.  Hell, I don't even have enough boobs to fill it up.  That part is a little disappointing... 
Clearly, it's not something I wear a lot, or I would have noticed this before.  OK, the more accurate statement would be that I haven't worn this dress in years.  Years.  Believe it or not, as it happens, the last time I wore this was documented right here on the blog...  I was meeting Will Steger at a fancy dinner where he gave a talk about global warming. 
Years ago.
Apparently, I was hugely fat at the time.  Yikes.
Going by the fact that I'm not thin enough for my taste even yet, I can't imagine what kind of body image denial I was in back then.  Or other kinds of denial.  Yeah...interesting times.  Funny thing about waking up--eventually, you have to take everything in.  Even your clothes.

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