Friday, September 4, 2009

What The Hell Happened?

There is a lot of talk about President Obama's speech on Tuesday, a planned speech to the school children of this nation.  This speech is not "required" by anybody--schools and classrooms do not have to air it, live or otherwise.  It's just happening.  He's joining the ranks of a lot of other U.S. Presidents, Republican and Democrat, who have addressed school children in various ways.
Here's what your conservative friends are saying about this (taken from various blog comments):
"He is trying to indoctrinate our children into his socialist agenda and I won't allow it."
"If my child's school does not opt out of viewing this, my child will not be sent to school that day. She will not be brainwashed or indoctrinated by this ignorant man."
"I'll be damned if my kid will watch this ignorant bastard try to brainwash America's youth, our tv at home is changed to a different channel every time his ugly mug comes on it!! "
"Getting the Obama youth ready! "
"My kids will stay home. I will refuse to allow them to listen to any liberal, socialist propaganda."
"pretty slick, preaching to our kids while the rest of us are AT WORK and can't even see what is being said... this guy's audacity is just too much....."
"It will hold our youngsters captive"
"Sorry, my child will not be attending. The nerve of this guy is unbelievable. Stay away from my kids, you big fake. I see who you really are, and it's scary how many people are still fooled by you."
" kids (ages 13, 11, and 9) already think he's after all our money and that's them forming their own conclusions!" (sure, sure...)
"Does anyone with half a brain really think B. Hussein is only going to talk on the importance of education?"
"Big Brother wants to talk and INFLUENCE your children."
"....there will probably be some kind of subliminal message or mesmeration involved to the agenda....."
I remember when I worked at a high school, and we had classes on Martin Luther King day, rather than having the holiday off.  The school had planned a short presentation (an hour, I think), in which a few people would get up and speak about the man, what he did and why, etc.  That day, a lot of parents excused their children from school, starting at the exact moment the presentation did, all claiming "appointments".  Incredibly, all of their "appointments" concluded at the exact time the presentation did.  I remember being stunned and revolted at the time.  What possible harm could come from a child learning a little bit about an historical figure?  A man who tried to make lives better for other people?  Who stood strong against incredible hatred, and empowered a nation?
First of all, I'm not comparing President Obama to MLK.  Or at least I didn't plan to until just now.  It seems that the need to overcome incredible hatred has returned.  Too bad he's the President, and therefore can't speak freely.  If he were a preacher, he could probably get more done in this environment.
If you are planning to keep your children home on Tuesday, or schedule an "appointment" for them at around the time this speech might air at your child's school...I have to ask, what are you afraid of?  I mean, seriously, what are you afraid of?  These are your children, and you are their strongest influence.  Do you truly, truly believe that a brief speech by ANYBODY (that many kids will just barely be listening to anyway) is going to un-do all of what you, the parent, have done to instill a certain type of value in your child?
If you truly believe that, then you are admitting that the "values" you hold so dear amount to little more than a house of cards, easily blown away by the slightest suggestion.  No wonder you are afraid.  No wonder you are lashing out and saying the things that you are you realize that these things make your entire political party sound completely unhinged?  How can this be a positive thing for your cause?  Your "values"?
And, obviously, you are afraid--after all, it is only fear that creates such loathing.  There will be no harm caused to anyone by viewing The President on television.  When I was in school, my teachers turned on the TV anytime the President spoke to the nation--didn't matter what party he was in.  We particularly watched Reagan a few times that I recall--not because the people who ran my school were behind some right wing plot to take over our brains, but, simply because he was the elected President of the United States, and accordingly, deserved our respect, even from those who didn't vote for him.  We used to respect the office.  What the hell happened?


  1. Agree 100%.
    (just catching up on my reading - sadly I think you could post this anytime during the next 4 years. I think we will be thinking the same thing for years to come.)


  2. I read, the other day, that death threats against President Obama are up 400% from those received by President Bush. That is so frightening. It's not just a "fringe" person, like a John Hinkley, who might do something crazy--it's 30 people every day, thinking that they need to do this for the good of the country. Very scary business...


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