Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All About The Drinkin'

Here's a funny thing...my friends call me to tell me about sales on beverages.
"Hey, did you see Store X has pop cases on sale?"
"Hey, I thought you should know that Store L is selling that really good beer you like, for 6 bucks a 12-Pack..."
Of course, it would be nice to be alerted to major sales on Absolut or Grey Goose or something.  When I go to the liquor store, I'm either pleasantly, or unpleasantly surprised. 
Then again, I think it's better for me to walk into a liquor store not knowing what I'm going to get...kinda like the meat counter:  What is the butcher recommending this week?  Rib Eyes?  Cool, I'll have that. 
This month, chocolatini's, next month, scotch on the rocks.  It's all good. 
And truly, that is the sign of a "good" liquor store, and a good meat counter--if the person running the place never got excited about anything and just sold the same-old, same-old all the time, the might as well just stock nothing but That Colorado Water that Sarah loves so much, and those gallon jugs with the black and white labels that say "tequila", or "rum".  Yes, they do exist--I wouldn't have brought it up if I hadn't actually seen it with my own eyes at a (ahem!) Walmart liquor store...I haven't ever bought anything at a Walmart liquor store, but my friend and I were curious, so, we had to check it out.  I have, however, bought all kinds of wine from Target while living in the Deep South, and desperately MISS being able to do that...Let's rock it, Minnesota!  I wanna buy a Wine Cube!!!  I have the handy travel cooler for it and everything!
It appears that my friends have me pegged as some kind of serious drinker.  Meh...not so much.  Check this out:  I left work at the end of the day thinking about nothing but the giant-ass drink that I would be mixing myself the very minute I walked in the door of my apartment.  It was that kind of day.  But I never did get around to making it.  Fell asleep on the couch.  Crazy party behavior, no?
But, I do like a serious drink--serious as in, just one and you're done.  If you can't forget why you were pissed off by the time you get to the bottom of the glass the first time, then you're drinking the wrong damn thing.  Which is why I only drink That Colorado Water if I'm being social.
Now that I have reached the age and stage of Professional Drinker, I no longer make drinking decisions based on how much the booze costs--these decisions are now based on "Do I have to drive anywhere?" and/or "How functional do I have to be, and when?"  That being said, I always like to have the option, when conditions permit, to render myself goofy if I'm feeling less than silly.
So keep sending me the sales alerts, my friends...better yet, pick some up on your way over, and we'll hoist a few...er...I mean, one.


  1. I make my drink choices based on very similar criteria.

  2. us lightweights have lost the reason for the drink by the end of any first glass......just sayin'.......

    I don't think any sales in my area would be a deal for you with all the gas and Wisconsin-y-ness of it.

  3. Wisconsin-y? HA! WTF? hehe...I don't have any issues with things "Wisconsin-y"...I'm a big fan of food and Leinies, you know! And also other "things" that I like very much, who shall remain un-named... ;-)

    I often lose the reason for the drink by the bottom of that first glass, as well. Usually because, as they say, the first step is a doozy!

  4. For me, a good drink is all about the ritual in making it or pouring it. There is comfort in that alone.


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