Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Wednesday! Woot!

  • How does a bottle of pills spill in a purse?  I can barely get the stupid bottle open when I need them, but this morning, the pills were hanging loose with the gum wrappers and ticket stubs in the "party zone" of the purse.
  • Speaking of ticket long has it been since I've seen the BoDeans?  The answer is "December". WHY is this ticket stub still in here? 
  • Remind me later, to tell you the story about the hotel receipt that I carried around in my coat pocket for almost two years.  I believe that story also involves the BoDeans.  And Crown Royal.  And Laura Ingalls Wilder.  And drama/infidelity.  And Crazy People.  Just like all good stories should.
  • It should be noted that neither Laura Ingalls Wilder, the BoDeans nor I were directly involved in any of the drama/infidelity, and also that we are not depicted as one of the "Crazy People" in the least not any more so than we usually might be.  But it's still an AMAZING (OhMyGAWD!) true story which I'll tell you as soon as I can do so without getting sued--I would change names to protect the innocent, but I don't think there were any.  Except Laura Ingalls Wilder--obviously, she was some kind of saint.
  • Even more important than "Why don't I ever clean my purse?" is, "Why don't I have a NEW purse?"  I'm just sayin'.  December?  Come on!
  • My hair is screeching toward Emergency Color Needed status.  No, grey, I will not go quietly.  Kiss my ass.  I'm sure some day, I will reach a point in my life where I tire of the fighting, say "OK," and let it go.  But that day is not today.
  • I was adding someone's email address to a contact list, and was halfway through typing it before I realized that her email was foxyladysue@blah, blah, blah...  Foxy Lady?  For real?  This is an email you actually give out to people?  Dude...
  • *sigh* Foxy Lady probably dyes her hair.  Sh*t...
  • Foxy Lady's name has been changed to protect the foxy.


  1. OMG.

    Your last two posts have me CONVINCED that we know the same people.

    I might have to try to conjure up an email addy for you so I can explain.


  2. You could try the one printed on the right side of the

  3. For craps sake -
    Lets convene a meeting -
    I'll send emails, we'll compare calendars & determine an appropriate time & place to hear about what Shelly could get sued for!
    Also - to pass judgement on the purse.

  4. Oh, I will SO have a new purse by the time I let any of you people near me! HA!

    I got rid of the ticket stub and gum wrappers and the pills are neatly tucked back in their crap-ass defective bottle. But, the purse is still ugly to me now, so...screw it, I'm buying a new one...

  5. Oh fuck...who looks on the right side of a screen?!?!?

  6. We. Cannot be friends anymore.

    Really? The same purse since at least December? I've accumulated about 10 since the middle of June.

    Or perhaps there is a happy middle ground?

    Nah. Never mind.

  7. Funny thing--I was telling my daughter I was in DIRE NEED of a new purse, because obviously, I am. She disagreed--said the old purse seemed fine. Jeeez...

    Good thing the daughters aren't into purses yet, or I'd be screwed...

  8. It's Thursday, are you still using the same purse?

  9. I am ashamed to say that I am...silly children wanted to go straight home after dinner instead of shop! What the heck?


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