Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Your password has expired"
Yes....I'm used to this.  With 27 data programs, all containing private customer information and/or private business information, I need a unique password for each, and the password must change approximately every 56 minutes for security purposes.
Having run through multiple bizarro variations of children and pet nicknames and hunky boy names, I later returned to several variations of MY name, mostly out of laziness.  I can't think of any more passwords.  And I don't care.
After being told, by my computer, several times, that the password I was attempting was either A) Used too recently, or B) Did not fit the password criteria, I typed in "What.Ever." (short for "Whatever, you stupid %^*#@%+!") and surprise, surprise, the computer liked that one.
I know, I know....I should probably use some non-word + number that means nothing combination.  I can't.  I have the patience of a gnat.  If it's not something my brain thought of all on it's own, that means I have to look it up every time I need it, then think beyond my normal typing process to key it in.  I'm so not there.  Gimme something simple.  "Bork", for example.  I would like my password for every program to be "Bork" from this day forward.  Not "Bork72" or "Bork#6".  Just "Bork".  And when I need to change it, which will be soon, I can change it to "Bork You", or "Bork This".
Seriously....Bork This.
While I'm waiting for the guys in the black van to get here and haul my non-secure ass off to the bunker for debriefing, think I'll have a cup of coffee and make a list of all my other passwords to post on the internet...

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