Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I Need

You can think of it as a wish-list if you want to.  Since I'm not one of those who keeps a wish list on the blog--always thought it was a bit strange, in a begging for stuff kind of way--I just want to say up front that as usual, I'm just venting, and expect nothing in return.  However, if any of you feel compelled to step up, don't let me stop you...
In no particular order:
  • To be able to be beamed to work and back.  And to be able to do the same for my children, for their various activities in which I need to drive them.  Seriously, every time I get in my car anymore, I just look at the gas gauge and think how dumb it is to be in my car again, using, using, using...the bus schedule and I are about to get very friendly.
  • Magic wand for kitchen cleaning purposes.
  • Todd Rundgren to sing his entire album, A Wizard, A True Star, from end to end, right here in Minneapolis....What?  He's actually doing that?  Cool...I'll start working on getting a seat! (Strange....I didn't know I needed that until somebody put it right in front of me....what is this, Sharper Image?)
  • Somebody to get me coffee.  Not on a regular basis, just, right now.
  • To know where my daughter hid the brownies.
  • To have an amazingly restful night of sleep, preferably in the arms of someone fabulous.  Like an all-night hug.
  • Total confidence with the kids' school transportation arrangements.  I realize I did a bad-bad thing by moving out of Edina...(HA!  just kidding...) and the fact that transportation is provided all the way over to my house a whole 3 miles away is an amazingly wonderful thing.  I'm just a worrier.  I want someone to say, "If the children stand at this exact spot at this exact time, a big yellow bus will take them where they need to be, and home again, and there will be no problems, and there will be much rejoicing through the land," while I continue to be thoroughly amazed by the transportation infrastructure in this city.
  • More magic wands, for purposes of making large piles of paperwork and mail disappear from my desk.
  • Someone to get me coffee.  I wasn't kidding about that.

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