Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Total Bitch Revival

I had another unique opportunity at work today, to TOTALLY GUILT SOMEONE INTO DOING WHAT I WANT....
I wouldn't have done it, but I'd only asked them nicely 27 times already, and while getting blown off is mostly just annoying, sometimes, it's all about the bottom line.  On those occasions, they better just shut the hell up and do what I say.  When it comes to money, I get all serious.
In those times, you have to make them feel your words--and since dropping an anvil on their head is not allowed, you go with the next strongest thing--hideous, gut-wrenching guilt.
Remember, people, your expectation of quality service depends on whether or not one scatterbrain has been strong-armed into not losing your paperwork today.
Thank me later.


  1. On behalf of all the paperwork submitters, I thank you.

  2. You Are Welcome! I don't know if everyone is just excited for the long weekend or what, but it's been a week of stupidity, seriously...started off with someone accidentally mailing their combined app (for food and medical assistance) to us at the insurance company, and THAT document floated around here for a WEEK before it got to me and I thought "omg....this person needs help and what the hell are we doing???" Got that over to Human Services...THEN, the comedy of errors of parts of documents missing, people doing the "It's not my job" thing, (my least favorite thing to hear from anyone) and on and on and on...

    Ready for the weekend? Oh yes, I am! I'm sure we will all have a much better perspective on Monday.

  3. The Schell's is cold, the ribs, chicken and salmon will be rubbed down...followed by great music, games for the kiddies, more beer and of course, fireworks! See ya Saturday!

  4. Is our boy Marty playing somewhere? I could use some live music--seriously lacking right now, with all the busy-ness. Plus I missed gawking at my boy on Sunday, so I'm all grouchy...


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