Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Why is it that some people are organized and do their sharing on one particular day of the week and I am clearly nothing like that at all?
Here are a couple of web sites for you to check out:
Nathan Kensinger is a photographer and filmmaker whose images of New York will suck you in, for hours.  I know this because I just got back from his blog, and, I didn't really want to leave.  Check him out at http://kensinger.blogspot.com/
Also on Blogger, Confront Your Bully.  I like the idea of this--write a letter to someone who has bullied you--could be in your distant past, or something that is happening to you right now.  There is a lot of healing in this process, which you can feel coming right off the page.
I've said it before, but...I'm a big Marc and Angel fan, and also heart Barrett Chase.  They're nothing alike...Barrett's more like me, poor thing.  Go there, bookmark them, and never be disappointed.
And last, but not least, a bit of insight, some perspective...Motivational Speaker Craig Harper.  Yeah, its full of "buy my book"s, but also, some great blog posts.
Have fun!  See ya later!


  1. I like the confront your bully blog.

  2. Isn't that cool? He is kind enough to link to me, and I sent him a story, but I'm sure it's entirely too convoluted and wordy to ever survive the editing process...lol


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