Monday, July 27, 2009

Tonight, We Hug Our Children

A friend of my daughter, aged 14, passed away this past weekend.  As a parent, I couldn't imagine it, and am incredibly fortunate that I don't have to.
In the atmosphere that I've been living in this year, thick with change and not just a little chaos, where the trick is to just keep running from fire to fire with a bucket of water, I have made no time to consider, what if tomorrow, it all went away? 
I feel foolish, and a bit arrogant today, for always thinking that success or failure of a thing is entirely dependent on my actions.  Sometimes, things happen that are completely out of our hands--nothing to be done, never saw it coming--the reasons why, we don't want to think about, maybe not for a long time.  One day, though, maybe soon, maybe not, something will happen to remind you of someone that came into your life, and left again--maybe you haven't spoken to them for a long time, or they have passed on--and in that thing becoming a precious memory, you will find your reason.  Rest in peace.  Your friends will miss you.

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