Monday, July 6, 2009


The most important thing in the world, bar none.
Communication or lack thereof can make or break pretty much anything--marriages, business deals, you name it.
I know this to be true.  I believe it to the core of my very soul.
So when stupid stuff happens, I don't know whether to roll my eyes, shake my head, or grab somebody by the shirt and violently shake them.  It makes me crazy.  CRAZY!  People not talking and espcially not listening MAKES ME CRAZY.  And I end up doing a little of each of the outward expressions of frustration, depending on the occasion.  Like, for the last five years of my marriage, I sort of shook my head, and there was some eye rolling, though what might have been more effective was the violent shaking--could have saved the deal, come to think of it.  I'll have to remember that...
In the end of June, a guy faxed me an important document, which, like most documents we deal with, had to be handled by the end of the month.  I noticed there were pages missing, so I called him, and he assured me that the missing pages would be forthcoming, ASAP.
"OK, Great!....Because we need it before I walk out the door on Tuesday..."
Time sensitive, you know.
Tuesday, June 30th, comes and goes--no document.  I call again, tell him that we can bend a little on this, since we got most of the paperwork last week, but we NEED the document, ASAP, or no go.
July 1st and 2nd go by, no document, despite a third reminder from me.
Today, July 6th, we got Part 2 of the document, along with a screaming note expressing how IMPORTANT AND TIME SENSITIVE the materials are and how they CAN'T BELIEVE WE HAVEN'T PROCESSED THIS YET!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?
...Eye roll?  Shake head?  And exasperated combination of the two?  Or, violent shaking?  Which would you choose?

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