Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And...What Have YOU Contributed To The World Today?

I'm sitting at work, listening to the various conversations going on around me, and a few people are talking about Michael Jackson memorial, saying things like this... "So he died...so what?"
And I have to ask...what would you like people to say about YOU when you die? 
"So What?"
What is wrong with people?  You don't have to be a die-hard fan to be respectful.  Never mind the fact that he accomplished more by age 15 than most of these people will ever accomplish in their entire lives...so what? 
Ignorant people make me grouchy...actually, they make me incredulous, and prone to debate.  They are especially annoying when they are white and when they are women, because I'm a white woman, and in my opinion, it's tough enough getting anyone to take you seriously without some moron making the whole lot look stupid.
I've long since given up expecting people to pay as much attention to minutae as I do, or care as much as I do, but is it that hard to NOT be a totally thoughtless jerk?

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