Thursday, March 17, 2011

You're Welcome

(Actually, "You're Welcome", provided you are not vegetarian.  If you are vegetarian, please change to "I'm Sorry"...or, try this with TVP or something, and see how it goes...)
Guinness Stew
2 pounds of beef stew meat
Oil for cooking
White Flour
Salt and Pepper
Onion and Garlic
Carrots, Potato, Parsnip (or whatever stew veggies you like), cubed
1-2 Tablespoons tomato paste (because you never use a whole frigging can of it, do you?  So it sits in the fridge and goes to waste.  *sigh*  Buy the tube, instead...)
One bottle/can of Guinness
Toss cubed meat in about a tablespoon of the oil.  Mix 1/4 cup of flour with salt and pepper, then toss beef in the flour mixture to coat.
Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large skillet and add the beef, browning on all sides.  Reduce heat and add diced onion (to taste) and tomato paste.  Cook for three minutes, then add one clove diced garlic, and cook for an additional two minutes.
Remove from heat, and pour contents into a slow cooker, Dutch oven, or your favorite stew-making vessel.  Return the frying pan to the stove and deglaze with about half of the Guiness--scrape the bottom while you stir to get all that pan yumminess!  Add the deglazing liquid and the remaining Guiness into the stew pot with the meat.  Add vegetables, cover and cook 2-3 hours (low and slow!)


  1. I could try it with TVP, actually. Or mock duck. Sounds kinda DELICIOUS. (don't hate)

    Thanks! Did you make it?

  2. My co-worker made it--I haven't tried it yet because she works at the office and I work at home...Damn!

    Anyway....I trust her judgement. And I'm a beefatarian, so I'll probably love it.

  3. If you do try it with TVP I would imagine you might need a bit more cooking oil, and maybe a veggie bullion cube or two? Let me know how it goes...

  4. Yeah, well we all know (some of us do anyway) how much cooking I do around here so... in three or four years when someone is surfing your archives for stew, that might be me.

  5. Did you know you can freeze the leftover tomato paste? I freeze mine in a baggie and just break off chunks as needed for different recipes...


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