Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not Quite Like Progress

More like five inches of knitted buffoonery.

You didn't know there was such a thing as knitted buffoonery, did you?

Here's me, measuring my daughter's chest size so I can decide what size to make this top:

Me: How big are Punky's boobs?
Punky's Sister: They're freaking HUGE!
Me: I know, right? Oh-mah-gawd...

And so, I cast on approximately 800 million stitches and got started on The Shirt Of Huge Boobness. 

A couple of inches into it, I start thinking "what exactly constitutes 'freaking HUGE', anyway? I mean I know her bra size, but when the nearest pattern size is actually 3 inches larger than that, even allowing for the probability that she'll wear a bra and a tank top under might not be the boobs that are huge, but the shirt.

Luckily, there are plenty of places in this pattern to make huge-ness disappear.  Like everything else in life, we're winging it. I post the completed picture with my kid wearing the top, can you do me a favor and act like we've never had this conversation about her boobs? Thanks--you're a peach.

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  1. Or a lime margarita.. or a nice red wine... or can't wait for happy hour.
    Possibly I should not start referring to The Shirt of Huge Boobness in public.


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