Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And On To The Next

Woodland Winter Mittens (December version) done, and now, in my ongoing protest of the weather, I'm going completely in the other direction--hello Summer top! Ooooo...cotton.

I'd just like to say once again what an awesome kit this (the Mittens, I mean).  Knit Picks released it, promptly sold out of it (I think I squeaked in my order a whole two days before they announced they were all gone, so I got lucky...) and a lot of people were left wanting it. With any luck, they will offer it again.

This project bugged the living hell out of me, so any "real" knitter would probably love it.  I may cast on for another pair (doing the January pair next, I think) but it will definitely be a back seat project and may actually take until January to complete. As always, your mileage may vary...


  1. Those are preety freakin' cool mittens! Remind me of Duluth... northern lights... I need a trip!

  2. They are gorgeous. Well done. :)


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