Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ready, Set, Random (Way-Mega Random)

  • Yesterday, I gave my daughter all kinds of crap about her back "hurting" just all of a sudden while she was sitting in the passenger seat of the car.  Nobody's back just starts hurting without you doing something first, right?  Today, it happened to me while I was sitting at my desk.  Karma...such a bitch.
  • We got a new boss--this is his first full week hanging out with us--and he very innocently asked our opinions on a thing.  I'm not sure he was ready for that, but, trial by fire seems to work.  Thank G*d he's here, though, because the place was starting to turn into the Wild, Wild West.
  • New boss has scheduled individual meetings with every one of us.  Everyone else's meetings are 30-45 minutes.  Mine?  Hour and a half.  F*ck.  If I accidentally become unemployed in this mess, keep me in mind, would ya?  Thanks.
  • And wouldn't you just know that he would schedule that meeting on a Friday?  Now I have to dress appropriately on a Friday.  I suppose this means I can't bring in the traditional 12-pack of Stella tomorrow, either.
  • Last Saturday, I attended a high school softball tournament, THEN fed the homeless (!!!), THEN went to Cats.  Somehow, I managed to wear almost the same outfit for all three of those things.  That would indicate that I was mostly overdressed for the first two.  However, just as my friend and I strolled up to the theatre that evening, two bus-loads of kids in Prom clothing pulled up and walked in behind us--hair done, brightly colored full-length dresses, perfect make-up, tuxedos--the whole bit.  Most of the grown-ups in the lobby agreed that it was one of the cutest things they had ever seen.
  • I know I used the words, "Freaking Cats" or some variation thereof on twitter, when describing my Saturday.  I wasn't making reference to the level of performance or anything, I was just way-mega tired from the crazy day.  Way-Mega.  (You like Way-Mega?  It's a new thing I'm working on...).  Every fuzzball on stage sang and danced their little Gotta-Be-Teeny-To-Fit-In-The-Costume butts off.  Not that any of them had any butts to lose.  One question?  Is the music a humorously bad synthesizer rendition on purpose, specially recorded for the touring company?  Just curious, cuz that was "Not Good".  Not Good with little chance of recovery.  Very nearly Way-Mega.


  1. So you're glass is feeling 1/2 full on the new boss? Are you certain that your meeting isn't longer because you are that much more awesome...I Think So!

  2. I think we specialize in way-mega production here in WI. Or I could be confused.......nah!!!

    (welcome snuggles to little Nap if he'll accept them...)

    Yes, Cursing Mama is correct. I have talked to new BM (boss man) and he thinks you are Jaw-some!!! And not at all retro-throw-back-y Lame Street Sharks referencing like that woman in WI.......

    (they misspelled buttons on mah word should talk to them about that)

  3. I am TOTALLY telling him that you referred to him as a BM!!! Awesome!


    I don't think that the new BM thinks anybody is awesome...or Jawsome. He's playing coy with the glowing reviews. Kind of a drag.

    Little Popo is the sweetest thing. Really a honey. He's more snuggly than Jack was at his age! And no, we don't always call him Popo, but, it's fun because we call Jack "Pepe" sometimes, so, Pepe and Popo. We're weird like that. For a boy, Jack has been a good mama, but Napoleon won't sit still for baths--too much to do!


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