Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can Somebody Please Explain The Cats And Can Openers Thing...?

I'm working.
The house is mostly silent.  Kids are home on Spring Break and hanging out three rooms away from me, watching TV, goofing off online, etc.  I've got a cat snoring next to me and the sound of his breathing and my thinking are the only sounds I hear.
Suddenly, Jack jumps up, hops off the love seat and heads for the office door in a very big hurry.  I stand to open it, thinking he must have been having a wet dream or something and I don't want to be the one keeping him from the toilet.
But instead of running to the litter box, he runs to the kitchen...
...where my daughter is just starting to open a can of mandarin oranges.
Not tuna fish, or delicious wet cat food....mandarin oranges. 
Not an electric can opener, either, I might add.  We have an old twister model, because we don't eat a whole lot of food out of cans.
So...what just happened?

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