Friday, March 11, 2011

Who Would Try To Write A Blog In 15 Minutes?

But it's bullet points, so I'm sure you purists are going to whine.
  • I just....need to talk about stupid pumpkin spice scented candles.  Why am I always fooled into thinking that they'll smell nice?  Has anyone ever had a pumpkin spice scented candle that didn't smell like the charred remains of a jack-o-lantern on the morning of November 1st?  Because I have not.
  • I started working from home this week, and while I still have regular office hours, the fact that my "office" is near a huge window in my home as opposed to somewhere deep in the fluorescent jungle has made the idea of being chained to a desk for 8 hours a day significantly more palatable.  Just the click of me typing, and the sound of cats snoring, instead of the din of Annoying Laugh Lady, People Making Small Talk About Weather/Sports, People Getting Way Too Animated About Politics, People Coming Around Looking For Candy and/or Donuts, etc, etc.  Bliss
  • One thing I must say, being at home with the children (read: cats) all day is that anyone who claims not to like cats is just a jerk.  I mean, sure, they're assholes sometimes, but...what's better than a cat in your house?  They're like living sculptures when sleeping, and fuzzy love-sponges when awake.
  • I was photographing a mitten (see WIP, below) in it's finally-finished state when the door bell rang.  It was the mail lady, with a box of yarn in tow.  Perfect timing.
  • I bought myself a box of samples of ridiculously expensive perfumes, with the logic being that I would try them all out just to see which ones I love and which ones I would not be buying in full size, and wouldn't you just know that I love them ALL?  Damn it!  Then again, comparing any of them to the smell of a gnarly pumpkin spice scented candle is entirely unfair.

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