Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doing A Thing

Project alert!  Gonna do this thing, from the most recent VK, only in blue, not rose.

Honestly, I loved the color and immediately thought of Punky, who wears this color often, but when I asked her to point at a ball of yarn on a page, she went with Knit Picks CotLin in "Surf"--go here to see what that looks like.

One thing?  I'm soooo ditching the gnarly jute straps....scratchy!  It'll just be more Surf.  Surf, Surf, Surf, Surf, Surf. 

Also?  Perhaps Winter will one day end, and she'll be able to wear this fine garment.  It could happen.


  1. OOOhhh??? That is so cute?!!!

    Also, I have a book shelf I need to put together. Not Ikea, but those wrenches will still come in handy. ;-) #lurkinonyourtwitterfeed

  2. If you can knit this you should be able to knit Vicki and everyone else some nice mountain goat slippers.


  3. Wait...now they're Mountain Goats? I thought they were Water Buffalo...?

    Keri, I'd offer you my services on the furniture assembly--surely you're more patient that my teenagers, right?

  4. I've put them together myself multiple times (we have way too many feckin books, dammit) so if I just stop crocheting long enough, I'm sure I can put them together this week. HAHAHAHA

    I'm totally patient. I would have had Keli come over and do it, but LOL patience is not her strong suit, either. Is it the internet? Is that what did it to them?


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