Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Return of Random Wednesday!

Yeah....don't get all excited like I'm going to be doing this regularly, or anything....
  • I think I can say this now:  I'm sick of Taylor Swift.  Actually, I was sick of her about a year and a half ago, but I never said anything because, gee, it's Taylor Swift and how bad could she possibly be?  Not to say that she's bad, I just stopped caring.  We have now progressed from "Don't Care" all the way to "For the love of God, please stop".
  • It should also be mentioned, any time I am rolling my eyes about someone famous, that clearly I am not famous, or young and cute, or in any position to proclaim myself "better" than anyone who is famous, or talented, young and cute, or any combination of the three, but if you want to tell me to shut the hell up about it, save your breath.  I was a cynical harpie long before Taylor Swift was even born.
  • For those of you following along on Twitter, yes, I mentioned Jack Benny with the assumption that people would actually know who that was.
  • No, the fact that I'm old enough to know who Jack Benny is does not have anything to do with me being sick of Taylor Swift.  Does Taylor Swift know who Jack Benny is?  If she doesn't, can I hold that against her?
  • I'm about to get cozy with my cable bill.  Hold me.
  • Three weeks later, the so-called "Six Hour Afghan" is still not finished.  Can you say "Christmas Present"?  Don't worry, I'll pretend that was the plan all along.
  • The woman in our office who likes to declare "Pot Luck" every third Wednesday must be stopped!!!  I barely get around to cooking for the people I'm actually related to, and I'm supposed to contribute to the office, too?
  • On the other hand....YUM-O!  And thank you to all the people who like to show off their cooking skills at office potlucks...

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