Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Number One Fan

In case anyone is wondering why comment moderation has been turned on again...

Here is why:
It's the old, "Write a vile, nasty comment, then check back a million times to see if the author has responded," bit. 

Why don't you just use email notification like a normal person?  That way, when the author responds, it gets sent right to your email!  Oh, wait, never mind...I guess that would take the "Anonymous" out of your "Anonymous" now, wouldn't it?  Luckily, this person is not tech-savvy enough to actually be anonymous, and you can clearly see that somebody logging in from Red Rock Radio in Duluth, Minnesota has entirely too much time on their hands.  I'm not tech-savvy myself, so you know it didn't take much to figure out who this particular "Anonymous" is.  Nicely done.  You don't look obsessive at all!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again....I WRITE this freaking blog and I don't look at it as much as this person does!  So first of all, thank you for your support!
Second, if you are dying to read this every day, like I see that you are, you can also bookmark it instead of doing a daily Google search.  Just sayin'.

Third (and who would know this better than someone in the media?):  All media has an "off" switch.  You think I'm a lousy, awful person, and, I won't argue with you on that, but doesn't it make more sense in life to simply stay away from that which offends, rather than following it around like some crazy stalker?

I had given some thought to maybe saying "Red Rock Radio in Duluth, Minnesota" numerous times in this post in hopes that this blog post would be the first thing that comes up if somebody is looking for your radio group online.  That way, they'd get a good idea of just who they are dealing with.  ( this person going to service my radio advertising account, or spend the day obsessively stalking someone online?)  I thought better of it, though.  Two mentions and photographic evidence of your psychosis will have to suffice for now.

And by the way, I have screen shots that look just like this, going WAY back--almost three years worth--so while I do appreciate the support, I have a mountain of paperwork to turn over to Myron and Ro at Red River Broadcasting if you should ever cross the threshold from "Annoying Creeper" to "Guy Hiding In The Bushes Outside My House".  A girl has to cover her ass these days....just sayin'.

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