Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No, Joe.

The "Mojo" and the "Nojo".

There is this guy in my company--soft spoken Texan--who likes to say that if you're being positive, that's your Mojo, and if you're being negative, that's "Nojo".

I like the sentiment.  In my life, having a positive outlook, or being proactive, or hell, even just being realistic and taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure a good ending in a bad situation, has been something for which I pride myself.  I prefer action to panic.  That's not to say that I never panic, it's just that I'd rather be in a situation where I could take an action to aid in a positive outcome than to sit around ringing my hands because someone else's actions were going to leave me completely screwed.

So we had a meeting...a meeting about the "Mojo" versus the "Nojo".  About how, instead of sitting around complaining, you should check yourself, and, try to contribute to the solution.

You wouldn't think something like that would cause any hardship, would you?  Some innocuous team-building C'mon-Get-Happy corporate workshop?  I didn't think so, either.

What occurred as a result of the Mojo v Nojo meeting was that now anytime anyone raises any kind of concern, legitimate or otherwise, they are being accused of having "Nojo".


Oh....mah-gawd.  I feel like I work in the pages of Animal Farm.  Whatever you do, don't disagree, or the pigs that are more equal that others will Trotsky your ass right out of town....


  1. I hate stuff like that! You are not allowed to disagree with whatever idiocy is afoot, lest you be branded as "the problem, not the solution." It's like the extinguishing of political debate during the Bush administration by calling any dissenter "not a patriot."

  2. Exactly! Maddening and dangerous!


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