Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Did I Even Question...?

By the end of the day yesterday, I was sooooo annoyed with the world.  It was one of those days where you think, "Is that all there is?  Really?  That's IT?"
And it sucked.
My stupid bank (ongoing, seething hatred, thanks for asking), with my esteemed assistance, completely effed up my account, and that was so enjoyable!  Hey!  When the stupid chick bounces a transaction, you don't transfer the ENTIRE overdraft protection balance to checking, OK?  I'm not THAT much of a fuck-up.  And, of course, when I attempted to withdraw from the other account, they let me, without mentioning, "oh, by the way, we took ALL the money out of that one..." and followed that by charging me a whopping fee for withdrawing money from an account they had emptied, hours prior.  Seriously.  It's insane.  But anyway...
Top that off with one too many mornings waking up alone (yet another self-inflicted wound...), and a couple of other dumb things (why is my car making that noise again?  I thought we dealt with the noise...) and I was in a mood.  A pissy, pissy mood.  I had myself a blubbering, weepy, Talk To God drive home.  Too bad my commute is so short now--the 45 minute blubbering, weepy, Talk To God drives home were just about right--the 15 minute thing is not quite long enough.  That's still not enough of a reason to drive to Plymouth every day, however.
Then, like clockwork, it all de-kinked itself.  This is, after all, the purpose of all blubbering, weepy, Talk To God drives home.  You spend 40 minutes (...uh...15 minutes...) wailing about how hard everything is, and how you don't know if you can keep on doing this alone, and isn't somebody supposed to freaking CATCH you when you take a leap of faith?  Then all of a sudden, from various sources, you get pummelled with information that distracts you while simultaneously letting you know that all is right with the world.
No, I mean it--it is truly amazing how the universe speaks to you if you just pay attention.  I went from "OH.MY.GOD!" all the way to "Rent's paid and Christmas is saved" in a matter of a half an hour.  It's what you might call a miracle, and, miracles are my very favorite thing.  Of course, if it wasn't for the All Hope Is Lost moments, miracles would be much more difficult to spot when they happen, so I'm grateful for those, too.
I'm also glad I didn't waste my time shrieking at some Stage Coach Bank idiot who would a) Not fix the sh*t and b) Take it upon themselves to tell me how wrong I am, then follow that up by mailing me a copy of their very hefty (hardcover) fee schedule.  I've read it--I'd like to say it's a yawner, but in truth it pissed me off more than Eclipse, which I threw across a room when Bella kissed Jacob.  Don't get me started.  This morning, I wrote the saddest of speeches...the one I'll be giving to some low-level bank employee when I close my account.  Goes like this: (me, with a tear rolling down my face) "I don't want to close my account...I really don't.  I mean...we've been together for such a long time, and...(*whimper*) I don't want to throw it all way, I just...(*SOB*)....I..can' be friends any more... (*Much Sobbing, Pretending I Didn't Want to Cry, and Faking Like I'm Trying Not To*).  I mean....I even went out and got a better job so I would have more money,'s just not working...(*Loudly Blow Nose*)" 
Of course, this emotional outburst will likely be met with a shrug and maybe a "bummer", but I'll be damned if I'm going out without a show.  Ya gotta play the girl card once in a while--you never know what you're gonna get, but it's worth a try.
Happy Miraculous Thursday.  The snow is flying because the snow-globe we call the universe got a bit of a shaking up, and things have returned to "Interesting....very interesting...", just like they're supposed to.  Can't wait to see how it all settles!


  1. Lost my sh*t today with an eye glass store. Long story short I won and despite them finally stepping up to the plate after I repeatedly said "I'm not happy" I will never use them again. Unfortunately the covered wagon place holds the mortgage so I'm sorta stuck with them.

  2. I HATE the covered wagon place! I opened a bank account there and they automatically sign you up for a credit card without asking. It's just a part of their many wonderful "services" that they force upon you.


  3. OK, first of all, Ms. Harkness, your Demon Baby profile pick has frightened away all living things.


    Second, you know what's fun? (not really) Engaging crazy people in conversation, like, me having an email confab with the Stage Coach Bank. In which they thank me for being "candid" after I very politely tell them how awful they are.

    No need to thank me! But I wouldn't be offended if you tried offering to refund some fees or something...

    And you's truly an ego thing with me, cuz usually, I can talk anybody into anything if I have to. I can move mountains with a couple of very focused emails--when I'm talking to a human, that is. The problem there is, even when you ARE talking to a human, it's really just a machine. So they don't let me get away with a damn thing, and, that leaves me bruised. And I'm a big baby.


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