Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Not Gonna Lie...

I'm only writing to keep myself from shopping for a new phone.  It's a momentary diversion, and it won't occupy me for long.
They're all so pretty, and cool.  It's kinda like my thing with shoes, only, I don't have to go to the store. I can just say the word and the fine folks at (insert wireless provider) will say, "YES, Ms Payne, we can get you that fabulous thing for FREE, just sign right here..." and they put a 27-year contract in front of you, which seems scary for a moment, until you realize that by next summer they'll be blowing it off to entice me with yet another cool device.
*sigh* I love cell phones.  I love how when you get a new phone, and you've had it for a couple of months, that they've already come out with something more awesome, and they wave it in front of you and tell you it's free/cheap until you relent.  I got a new phone at the end of May and was sick of it by October...It's sales and marketing at it's finest!  You must have a cool phone, always.  That thing you're carrying?  Obsolete, dude...they don't even MAKE those anymore!  Get with the now!
Anyway...Santa likes those Christmas mornings spent dinging around with new gadgets.  Santa thinks that that space under the tree needs more of those...I'm just sayin'.

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