Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Of The Random Mind

  • Tony Bourdain. At the State Theatre. April 23rd. I soooo want to go. Of course, tickets go on sale this weekend, and I am decidedly broke until sometime next year, by which time there will likely be no tickets left. Hate to start Random on a bummer note, it's just that the same thing happened to me when BoDeans tickets went on sale in October and *POOF* two shows were sold out before I even had time to dig in the couch cushions for change. The moral of the story is a simple one: Stop being broke, ya nut!
  • A child is born, and, he's a honey of a boy, he is. Babies are awesome, and my brother is over the moon with his new baby, born yesterday evening. We were talking this morning about how different the experience is for men and women (besides the obvious physical experience of child birth) and my office full of women decided that men's reaction to their child being born is..."so cute". I mean...guys are astonished by the miracle of it all, while women are more matter of fact, because it's just a thing we did. Am I right, or am I right? Not that we don't goob all over our new babies when they put them in our arms for the first time, but when we meet them, it's usually more of a case of, "So YOU'RE the little so-and-so" that's made my body go haywire for the last nine months! Uh-huh...we're gonna have some fun together, you and I..."
  • Winter has arrived, and despite the lack of Snow Day for my children and Cursing Mama, it's all good. No, I mean it! Nothing says "Wake up and smell the coffee!" like snow mixed with high winds. I feel like Joe from Family Guy..."Let's DO It!" See me in March after the inevitable Spring blizzard, when my attitude will surely have changed to "Why is this still happening...?"
  • You know those people that talk to you like you're 5? You know how embarrassing and offensive that is, when people treat you like you're stupid? Yeah. Got one of those, again. At work. And they're in a position where I can't completely blow them off, as they so richly deserve. And I'm about to strangle somebody. Tell you what....the new motto will be, You keep nit-picking, and I'll just keep kicking ass and saying "whatever". It's all you can do, right? Yes, yes...I do plan to ever-so-innocently point out their every flaw in my very special "Oops! Was that YOU who did that?" kinda way. Because I'm a bitch, that's why. But I'm innocent, as far as you know...
  • But never mind the annoyances...Life continues to be an interesting adventure! The people that cruise in and out of my life are intriguing and keep me excited to get up and go, every day. You all ROCK! "Let's DO It!"


  1. So, I have decided you must start an emergency ticket fund of some sort - collect change from the couch to start it. Then, the next time the BoDeans come wandering through town you will be SET!.

    RE: Lost Snow Day Opportunity. I am not amused and feel as though I was given the opportunity to have my own real live pony and received a paper doll jackass instead.

  2. OK, but in that case, I'm taking you with me when I go.

    Speaking of that--you wouldn't believe who I ran into at the office today! The tiny short man who was standing in front of me at the last BoDeans show! Couldn't believe it! If only he had been two feet taller, I wouldn't have felt so exposed.... :-) A girl needs a tall guy to duck behind. I'm just sayin'.

    Your Snow Day is coming,'s coming...

  3. No Snow Day?!?! Wanna have the 10" and still counting we have? Oh...did I mention the 25-40 mph winds? I love winter in Minnesota!!!!

  4. I might have liked that! Cursing Mama definitely would have! Until it came time to move it out of the driveway...

  5. So how much would you love me, if I got comp tickets to the Tony Bourdain show? See...I have this job, where on a occasion I work with the Hennepin Theatre Trust, who happens to promote the shows at The State, The Orpheum, The get the picture. And if not comped, really good seats...I'm just sayin'.

  6. HAHA....shoulda known. I know how this will go, though--you'll get tickets, and by then you'll have a girlfriend or something and you'll take her instead of me. And I'd let you, cuz I love you. THAT's how much I love you! :-)

    (For those women out there with male best friend's, this is how it is, right? Am I right? hehe)

    If only you were my Guthrie connection...


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