Thursday, May 28, 2009

All Because She Felt Pretty...

There is a wicked old witch who works in my office--always scowling, grumpy, and bitching about people to the various bosses.  She drives me crazy.
We rode up the elevator together, alone, this morning.  She was wearing a beautiful dress, so I said, "Cute dress...", and the wildest thing happened:
She smiled and said, "thank you", and, you got the impression that she was smiling not just because she'd just put the screws to somebody, but because she was genuinely pleased that somebody had noticed.
And the wicked old witch was nice all day.
I feel like f*cking Pollyanna.  Except that f*cking Pollyanna would never say something like, "F*cking Pollyanna".


  1. No, Pollyanna would not say F*cking.

  2. Do you think she would skip the asterisk and just say the actual word? I mean, who knows how to pronounce an asterisk anyway? I'm just sayin'...


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