Monday, May 11, 2009

Barrera de idioma (Sprachhindernis!)

So, I have these two them both to pieces.  One is German, and the other is Mexican. (Scuse me!  Texican.  But anyway...)  
The German has decided that she must learn Spanish, and who better to teach her than her sister-in-law, Lisa.  At the same time, Lisa has decided that she should learn some German, and why not, since she has a handy German sister-in-law, Judith?  
...the only language they have in common is English, and, neither of them like speaking it all that much--just more comfortable with something else, mostly.  One of them is a bit high strung (the German, try to act surprised) and the other is all, "Eh, whatever..."
Is this not a situation ripe with comedy?  Can you picture the merriment that ensues?  The comedy of errors?
I love my family...

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