Monday, May 4, 2009

I Could Have Sworn We Were Supposed To Have A Weekend In There Somewhere...

How could it possibly be Monday?  How did this happen?
Somebody asked me what I did over the weekend, and I realized that there were no (Zero) relaxing moments in my life from 5:30 Friday, all the way until I went to bed on Sunday night.
That's just not right.
I hereby promise that next weekend, I will do nothing but sit on my ass.  I may have a friend over, or may even go to someone else's house, but the activity has to center around me sitting on my ass.  For the whole two days.  I should put the children on alert right now, to avoid any of that "drive me around" confusion.


  1. Sheep & Wool Festival weekend!!!!
    and oh yeah - mothers day so you should get breakfast in bed too.

  2. Can't Sheep and Wool come to ME? I live on a fairly broad street, plus there is a park nearby, for grazing and such. I'm just sayin'.


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