Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's On The Phone (Again)

I seem to recall that around this time last year, I was supposed to be heading to New Orleans. Yeah...that's all pleasant, New Orleans in early summer.

*cough* *cough*, OK, that's bullshit--it's hotter than Hades in New Orleans this time of year (but not as hot as it gets!). You go, you sit, you take in fluids...that's about it. Nighttime, take the vampire tours, whatev.

Two years ago, I spent Memorial weekend at home, but the entire time was spent relaxing outdoors, with bonfires at night, never an occasion in which there was not a decidedly grown-up beverage in my hand, and "grown up" music playing (meaning, NOT Kid's Choice). Going back to work on Tuesday was a total drag.

I believe three years ago, I was at a lake somewhere, and the adult beverage/bonfire thing was in full effect.

So, what did I do this weekend? Drove my kids around to their planned social events (NO drinking, cuz you have to drive someone again before the night is through...), and cleaned my apartment.

F*cking A.....That sucked.

Seriously, the highlight of my weekend was when Barb came over for coffee Sunday morning, and we sat on the stoop and chatted, drank coffee, ate bagels and coffee cake, and visited with the people and doggies walking by.

Oh! That, and the thing on Saturday, when I was shopping for exciting stuff like, I dunno, cleaning supplies or something, and I got stuck in a long line so I flipped my phone open to discover that I had an email from the aforementioned psycho (sleeping dragon of the previous post) and because I was so completely and utterly bored, spent four hours writing a multi-page response to her ranting freak-out. Four hours during which I also remained completely sober.

That passed for excitement.

That's how dumb the weekend was.

Oh, don't get me wrong...I'm glad the socks finally got matched and I finally got my washed clothes put away (ahem...I have a lot of damn clothes, people. You can tell I have a lot, because when you're busy like me, you just keep grabbing whatever is clean cuz you're always in a hurry, and I never seem to run out...that's a lot of damn clothes...)

Perhaps the whole "holiday weekend should be fun" thing is all a bunch of crap, and that you're not really supposed to spend your time off enjoying yourself. Maybe, it's all just drudgery, and I've been living in some kind of psychedelic mist this entire time. Either way, apparently I have the perfect outfit with matching shoes...


  1. I think I drank enough for both of us.

  2. One of my good friends told me that exact same thing! HA! I would have enjoyed at least one evening of silly-drunkedness, for sure. That's OK, there is another weekend coming...


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