Friday, May 1, 2009

Yay! Random Question Day!

I have questions.  You have questions.  Questions, Questions, everybody questions, and none of them worthy of a 'solo' post, so....we'll do a little Friday Dump
Question One (via email): Did you have fun at Brandi Carlile?  I'm sure I had fun.  I must have.  Don't you think?  I mean, I was out with The Bodyguard and his girl, who are both wonderful, delightful people.  I didn't have to drive, didn't even pay for tickets, and spent the evening in a comfortable, well stocked suite at the venue in Mankato.  Must have been fun.  I'm sure it was....of course, due to Greg's very thoughtful and generous drink pouring (the man can't stand an empty glass) there was some fairly serious drinking going on.  I tried to slow the process by completely filling my glass with ice, thinking, "well, this is actually like a half a glass of wine, not an actual glass of wine", and I was eating and eating and eating all night, but, the man is relentless in his hospitality, and, well...
I remember quite well the last time he was our host for a concert in Mankato.  Two years ago, April 20, and we were fairly schnocked that night as well.  OK, I actually had to be manually hauled back to the hotel that night.  Well, both nights.  You wouldn't think I would remember that, but I do!  And because Greg is the common denominator in both stories of drunken stupidity, I am hereby blaming him for all of my "I got so drunk in Mankato" stories.  I mean, I've been there and hung out before, when he didn't come along, and I even went to a concert, and didn't have one drop of alcohol!  I'm just sayin'...Luckily, because he is The Bodyguard, after he gets you completely sh*t-faced, he makes sure you're safely tucked in somewhere to sleep it off.  Unfortunately, when you wake up, there you are, hung over in Mankato.
Oh, and Brandi sounded great, by the way, as always....
Question Two (via internal dialogue):  Are you quite certain it is Friday?  Cuz this feels a little 'Monday' to me.  Usually Friday mornings are so awesome!  Everyone is up early and in a good mood, its casual days, so we leave the house early, and nobody is rushed or crunched for time.  Fantastic!  And today was no exception!  But after I dropped off the happy children, and about the time I was 2/3 of the way to the office, I remembered that I'm currently on a bunch of prescriptions, and, OOPS!  I left them all on the dining room table.  And I didn't take any of them this morning.  Apparently, I was too relaxed.  So I had to turn around and go back, except, there just isn't any "fast" way back to my house, mainly due to various construction projects, and there was an accident on the crosstown on the way back...all in all, the little oops took AN HOUR to fix.  Jeez.......
Question Three (via email):  If you run into someone out partying on Cinco de Mayo and you ask them why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated and they don't know the answer, can you take their margarita?  It is most decidedly your right AND your duty to take their drink!  In fact, before you go out, you should be sure to study, just to make sure that nobody pulls this little stunt on YOU.
Question Four (via email):  Can we assume that we'll be seeing you at the BoDeans when they play the Zoo this June?  *sigh* You can NOT make that assumption...sorry!  Indigo Girls are playing that same night, in Bayfield, and I am trying to get to THAT show.  However, it looks as if my usual travel cronies will not be available to indulge me with a Sure To Be Memorable trip to Wisconsin that weekend......(Come on....have you ever known me to cross that border and not return with a story?).  So I might not be able to go to Bayfield.  Sh*t.  I will likely end up spending that evening at home, pouting into a glass of torrontes or something...
Question Five (via internal dialogue):  Wait a minute...*blink...blink*...aren't you supposed to be eating?  Owing to the fact that I am in the process of killing off pretty much ALL of the bacteria and various other micro-organisms in my body at the moment (remember, exaggeration is our funny, funny friend...), my body is behaving rather strangely.  For example, I'm not hungry and never feel like eating, but every once in a while, out of the blue, my entire body starts screaming "OH MY GOD, WHY HAVEN'T YOU EATEN YET?  WE'RE DYING, I TELL YOU, DYING!  STARVING!  I DON'T THINK WE'RE GOING TO MAKE IT!"
I'm sure that's normal, right?


  1. I only recently discovered Brandi Carlile. Great voice.

  2. This is the second time I have seen her--FANTASTIC singer!


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