Friday, October 3, 2008

Somethin' To Grab For

Man...tough week, seriously.  I'm looking for a couple of gallons of white wash to clean the graffiti off of my soul.  (Jeeezuz what a lame, melodramatic line that was!  Somebody please shoot me...)

It's the weekend...Use yours wisely.

What I wanted to ask was, how much debate did you watch...? 



I watched this in the same way I watched the giant spider scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy--with my hands over my eyes.  I watched The Grudge in the same way.  Both giant spiders and freaky Japanese ghosty thingies scare the living hell out of me--they could jump out from the screen and grab me at any time. 


(I realize as I type this that I must have learned the "cover your eyes" trick from my mother, who used to "watch" the Johnny Cash show with the sound turned up, but the TV turned to black.  She wanted to hear it, but...he scared her?  Hmmm...Ahem, that's a true story about my mother, by the way...)

The potential for disaster last night was so high that I didn't dare watch.  Of course, it didn't turn out as bad as we might have imagined, but still, the lead up got me ready for all kinds of horror.

I guess I'm just very sensitive to other people's suffering.  Though I probably won't end up voting for the Republican ticket, it doesn't mean I like to see anyone being trampled.

See?  I'm such a nice person...

Before I go, a couple of things...first of all, I don't want anybody thinking I was drawing a comparison between Joe Biden and a giant spider, or Sarah Palin and Sarah Michelle Gellar, for that matter.

OK, maybe I was.  My reaction to them is about the same.  He's in his element, and that's kinda scary cuz he's gonna get ya!  And...she doesn't know what the fuck is going on and the movie is way more interesting because of it.  Frankly, I hope she never figures it out.  And keep that fucking spider the hell away from me.

Lastly, completely off topic, but, everybody stop over and visit Brian, and wish him well.  Karma is King, Brian, and for all you've done for everybody else, let us think a few good thoughts for you and do a few good things.  Speedy recovery and a healthy life.  You Rock!

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