Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Better Days

I went from a sh*tty Monday to a Total Effing Rock Star Tuesday, juuuust like that, and, it's a beautiful thing.  In celebration, I stole another meme from Cursing Mama, who's eternal indulgence of my thieving ways has spoiled me rotten.

Answer each question with a one word answer....Ready, Set, Go!

1.  Where is your cell phone?  Desk

2.  Where is your husband?  HA!

3.  Where is your mother?  Home

4.  Where is your father?  Home

5.  What is your hair color? Uh...

6  Your favorite thing?  Food

7.  What did you dream last night?  Dunno

8.  What's your goal?  Domination

9.  What room are you in?  Living

10.  What's your hobby?  Knitting

11.  What's your biggest fear?  Failing

12.  Where will you be in 6 years?  Dominating!

13.  Where were you last night?  Patio

14.  What you're not?  Gregarious

15.  What's one of your wish-list items?  ...  (Ahem...I don't recognize this "wish list" thing of which you speak)

16.  Where you grew up?  Dakota

17.   What's the last thing you did?  Bath

18.  What are you wearing?  Robe

19.  Your TV?  Off

20.  Your pet?  Aggravating!

21.  Your computer?  Dell

22.  Your mood?  Happy

23.  Missing someone?  No

24.  Your car?  Large

25.  What are you not wearing?  Underwear!  (Wooooo-Hoooo!  TMI?)

26. What's your favorite store?  Target

27.  Your summer?  Weird

28.  Love someone?  Certainly

29.  Your favorite color?  Green

30.  When was the last time you laughed?  Today

31.  Cried?  This week

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