Monday, October 27, 2008

Just A Number

I'm so old where I work.

Actually, I'm about average, age-wise, in the building, but, it's a damn big building.  It's one of those big buildings with lots of granite and marble and thoughtful hotel-like touches, so, it was pretty much designed with "old" people in mind, cuz we're all about granite and marble and thoughtful hotel-like touches.  We've earned that shit, haven't we?

I'm not old in real life, I'm just old around some 5 or 6 of the dozen or so people that I work with directly--those 5 or 6 are the ones who party and go to clubs on the weekends.  Good for them.  But...I'm old.

Not that I don't party on the weekends.  When you reach a certain age, you just do it differently.  For example, this Saturday night, while my younger co-workers were paying way too much for some weak, foo-foo drinky-poo, I was relaxing with a bourbon and water (cough-cough) that only a bonafide drinker would enjoy (read: strong), and, I didn't have to tip anybody or dress up to get it.  Somehow, I worked it into my regular errands.  Cool.

I also ate "good" food--some semi-incredible ribs with amazing sauce, that some lovely person (me) prepared just for me.  Also Cool.

The best thing was that there was some semi-intelligent conversation to go with that drink and food, and very little drama.  Cuz when you're old, you don't "do" drama.

Let's re-cap...granite and marble, thoughtful hotel-like touches, strong drinks, good food, delightful conversation, no drama.  Hmmm....with that added perspective, I think I will agree to be old, just for the time being.

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