Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Write Something, Boogerhead!

I've got the "house crowded" syndrome--nobody's fault, just no down/alone time for writing.  (Lucky you!  No way-too-deep reflections on way-too-deep topics!  Wooo-Hoo!)

I wonder what I'm going to be like when I actually AM alone all the time...Hmmm.  I'll probably be spending a ridiculous hours at Michael's, Williams Sonoma, and the various yarny-type shops all over this town.  Then hustling home to work on projects and food. 


A couple of light items in lieu of actual content:

Speaking of Williams Sonoma, here is a little bird starter for ya--I usually concoct my own turkey brine from, uh, stuff I have around the house.  I usually have stuff like onions and oranges and apples and seasonings and sea salt around the house, so its OK...  However!  As you can see here, brining has been compacted into this neat and tidy little bottle of stuff, with most of what I would normally pull in a brine, and a few other things. 


See?  I need to go there.  Brine and $6000 worth of cook wear.  I NEED IT!

I thought it would be fair to also visit Michael's online, but was so distracted by that thing they have there call The Knack that I couldn't do any actual shopping.  Everybody knows that The Knack has little to do with arts and crafts and everything to do with pop music.  I'm just sayin'.  Take your Service Mark and go home....but please don't stop selling me paint and stuff...

Looking for some other merch this week?  BoDeans, Live Acoustic, is available on their website, here.  And people are drooooooooling over this thing. 

Of course, now that I have actually ordered something from somewhere, this would be the perfect time for my mailman to take a vacation or retire.  Oh yes, he did.  The old mailman wore a cool hat and shorts, and parked on the street behind my car (in front of the hydrant) while he ran around our neighborhood.  The new guy (who I'm sure will be up to speed in no time) is quite a bit slower and larger, not inclined to park in front of fire hydrants, wears a baseball cap and was bundled up like February when he finally found us at about 1:30 this afternoon.  I know, I know...he's new.  But dude, don't lose my CD...Necesito eso.  Thank you.

Finally, I do have some stuff on the needles.  A few projects, actually--all Things Made With Cotton.  Here is the deal...I live in my friend's house.  My worldly possessions, save my children and my French Press, are in boxes in the garage.  Remember the box marked "Bedroom Misc" that contained a guitar amp and yarn?  Yeah, I still have that.  Tons of yarn, stashed in boxes in the garage.  It makes a lovely padding for the amp.  Of which there are now two.  ANYWAY...I got bored being project free and did a little digging--found my Denises and a couple of SPOOLS of cotton, so, I'm making kitchen cotton stuff for my soon-to-be kitchen--dishclothes, bag-bag, etc..  Thrifty, right?  Of course, I'll move in and the colors will be distractingly off, but, that's when I get to buy more yarn, right?  Cuz I'll need it...


  1. I think I may use my rice cooker to heat up the left over cornish hens. I.blame.you.

  2. You only get to blame me if they turn out FABULOUS, otherwise, you can blame my ex, cuz this was his idea...


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