Sunday, October 12, 2008

If You Care

American Politics can melt your brain.

If you are not a hard-line Republican or Democrat, and if you actually care enough to listen to ALL of it, and try to make a decision on what to do with your precious vote based on the information provided to you, information overload will follow, all of the months leading up to an election.

In the end, you have to go with your gut.

If you care, it's not about one guy's ability to make the other guy look bad, it's about whether that one guy actually looks good.  Because, personally, I don't want to vote for A because B appears to be an asshole and A is my only other option.

If you care, you try to look past finger-pointing, eye rolling, name-calling and the like.  If you care, you watch it all go down and realize that one side is doing a lot more finger-pointing, eye rolling, name-calling and the like, and that disturbs you greatly.

If you care, it scares the living hell out of you to watch video footage of political rallies in which your fellow citizens suggest killing a political candidate with whom they disagree.  If you care, it also bothers you that "their" candidate has NOT made an extremely strong effort to dissuade them from making such suggestions. 

C'mon, John....aren't you going to say something?  I mean, out loud?  To the entire nation?  Not just in a Lakeview High School gym?  I'm sure Obama's Secret Service detail would appreciate the support.

I started off this election season with an open mind, watched and listened to everything I could, and have come to my decision.  I knew that eventually I would.  I knew that sometime before November, the glaring spotlight would reveal some things that were an insult to my personal sensibilities, and it would make my decision an easy one.

Because in the end, you have to go with your gut.

Senator McCain, or at least his campaign, is starting to remind me an awful lot of someone that I used to know...a real-live scary person that I wrote about here.  She is the mother to my stepchildren, and is a narcissist.  I don't mean she's a bitch, I mean, she has an actual personality disorder that causes her to do unspeakable things because she is incapable of taking other people's feelings or experiences into account.

I suppose one could say that I have become hyper-vigilant to narcissists after my experiences with my stepchildren's mother.  They would not be wrong.  That doesn't make the signs any less obvious in the case of this particular candidate.  Narcissists like to re-write history in their favor, lie a lot, and are rather consistent with their "pot calling the kettle black" ways.  They abuse you and label YOU the abuser.  They are so fearful of being revealed as less than perfect that they will say, and do, just about anything to maintain a facade.  Even let their supporters talk about killing their opponent.  After all, it wasn't THEM who said it, so they assume no blame.

My stepchildren's mother liked to claim that her three husbands all abused her, that her children abused her, that the system abused her and that she was an all-around victim.

Kinda like Senator McCain likes to say that Senator Obama's campaign has been the most negative in history. 

Nobody knows the trouble they've seen. 

The reality?  Quite the opposite.  Julia was the abuser, to all of her husbands, and all of her children.  Her temper was legendary, and erratic. 

Remind you of anybody we know?

Yet somehow, she was able to present herself well enough to convince a lot of people that she was innocent.  Heroic, in fact.  Narcissist present well.

While the McCain campaign has been painting themselves the victim of Obama's "attacks", those like me, without a particular agenda going in, have noticed something disturbing...the old "pot calling the kettle black" business.  Who is doing the negative campaigning, really?

Also, the "Wink-wink I'm not sayin' but I will imply..." method of getting you to think bad thoughts about Senator Obama is classic narcissism.  The McCain campaign is free from accountability for what YOU think, so they are safe in letting you go on thinking awful things about Senator Obama.  They imply something sinister about Obama, and say all kinds of things to lead you in a negative direction, but don't actually go on record with anything.  They let you conclude that thought on your own.  That way, they have plausible deniability.  Classic narcissism. 

After all, it wasn't McCain or Palin who said "Kill him".  They just didn't disagree

And clearly, they don't disagree, or, they would have said something by now, don't you think?

Are we really going to elect people who won't come out strongly against KILLING a fellow political candidate?

I don't think I will.  You lost me, John.  I was an undecided voter who paid attention.  I cared enough to listen to it ALL.  In the end, the truth was revealed by what was NOT said.

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  1. amen, sister.

    Im simply ready to vote and get it DONE at this point.
    not sure Ill even tune in tonight.


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