Monday, November 29, 2010

All That Glitters

Is probably my knitting

As a rule, I try to avoid glittery yarn and all it's....glittery-ness.  Nothing says "I bought this at (Insert Your Favorite Heartland Retail Giant) for four bucks" much more than shiny, knit-but-also-glittery clothing.

I give this a pass because it's not clothing.  Or at least not for me.

Tree Skirt, in the "new" Christmas colors...

True to form, I am not quite done making this item--hopefully before there is a tree, there will be a skirt.  My children should expect no hot meals before this is finished.  The yarn is from Herrschners, and I believe they started selling this a year ago (maybe two) but they were sold out every time I looked until October of this year, so, I grabbed a bag of it and began, as soon as I was able. 

Since these are the "new" Christmas colors and most of my tree started showing this color scheme last year (in the ornaments and ribbon), the fact that I am hand knitting something to go with this trend is a sure indicator that by this time next year I'll be sick of it and ready to switch to something else.  Sometime around next Thanksgiving, I'll be reminded of my distaste for fuchsia, will re-visit Herrschners and will be advised that the NEW "New" Colors are all sold out.


Until then--"Oooo-aaaaah!  How delightfully trendy!"

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