Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On Second Thought

I think I WILL be discussing that entire week that was lost to "30 Rock".

I don't watch TV like a normal person.  I mean, I do, and yet, I cringe when people say they have to rush home because their show is on and they don't want to miss any of it.  Yes, it still occurs, even in this age of DVR, people still leave my presence, using only a television program as an excuse.

Wait a minute....maybe that's just those people's excuse?  Maybe they are trying to be nice and don't want to tell me the REAL reason they are leaving?????  GAH!

I had to go there, didn't I?  Had to go there...

I have very few "musts" associated with a television schedule, though there are television "dates" with my daughter--is that the same thing?

Anyway, once upon a time, on a boring Saturday morning, I was all alone, flipping around on the TV, looking for something to watch, and it was early enough in the day that there was nothing on except infomercials, so I got out the crack pipe  **cough** I mean, went to my Netflix on demand--same difference, and saw the much-recommended 30 Rock sitting there all lonely-like.  I clicked "Play Now" and lost several days of my life, just like that.

Around the following Thursday, I had completed watching every single episode all of the first four seasons of that show....and little else.  I prepared my food in the kitchen, but returned to the front of the TV before eating it.  I did my writing with the laptop on my lap and the Wii remote lying to my immediate left.  I showered and made myself presentable when I absolutely had to leave the house, but most of all, I just watched TV, in my jammies.  I watched TV late into the night.  I watched TV early in the morning.  I stuffed my face with as much of it as I could, until all of it was gone.

I awoke from my comedy daze, hungry for more, but still not willing to tune in to the show at it's regular time on Thursdays because, uh, that would be entirely too normal, watching it one episode at a time.

I did that exact thing with The Tudors, except the 3rd and 4th seasons of that spectacular show were only on DVD and people, I suffered, OK?  Suffered.  DVD? have to wait for it to come in the mail?  GAH!

(P.S.: Dear Producers of The Tudors.  I'm sure you tried very hard to make Jonathan Rhys Meyers look fat and blobby like the Henry VIII of legend, but the dude's a stone fox, and a skinny one, at that.  So you failed.  Not that I mind.  At all.)

Anyway...That's how I watch TV when I watch it.  In massive doses.  I'm a huge TV pig.  I want it all, and I want it right now. 

It's much the same with chocolate and me, as you can well imagine.

Season 5 of Dr. Who?  Watched it.  All of it.  All at once.  Then I went back and rewatched all the previous seasons, too.  Ah, Rose Tyler, we hardly knew ya.  Oh, and I watched every episode of Torchwood over again, too.

The reason I am bringing this up now is because I'm all caught up on 30 Rock, and have only the last disc of The Tudors left before I have watched all there is to see of that.  So...the king is about to die and I have no suitable television heir.  Which means I might, for a time, watch TV like a normal person, adhering to something resembling a schedule. 

It's entirely possible that I might go to sleep sometime before midnight so that 5:30AM alarm clock jangle will be less dreadful when it goes.

Waking well rested, I'll be cheerful and less rushed in the mornings.  Shut up, it could happen.

I may even sit at the table to dine.  Wouldn't that be something?

The cats will be so confused.


  1. Considering what you have JUST revealed here I believe you need to go here so you too can moon over the fact that John Barrowman is taken...and buy a man to boot. Not that I'm not taken by a man as well...but it doesn't hurt to look.

  2. Have you seen the wedding pictures? Kilts. I'm just sayin'.... :-)


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