Saturday, November 20, 2010


Just thought I would warn everyone that I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year.  So you might be seeing random "OMG, I totally ruined the _____" type comments from time to time, on Twitter, FB, etc.

I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner since 2007.  That seems like a whole different lifetime.  Hell, it WAS a whole different lifetime.  I had a house full of people to cook for back then.

This year?  Just me and the one other meat-eater, plus one vegetarian.  A total of three, two of whom like to slather everything in gravy, and one of whom still doesn't like her food to "touch".

I know it doesn't seem worth it to even cook a huge thing, but damn-it!  I want to.  Sure, one of the turkeys will have been constructed entirely from textured vegetable protein, but I'm doing it anyway. (for the record, the Tofurkey is not shaped like a turkey--really more of a turkey roast look.  If it was actually shaped like a turkey, I would have refused, cuz that's just lame.)

It'll be a scaled back, cooked because I felt like cooking, hey-who-cares sort of dinner.  No worries that my potatoes aren't the right kind, or that we skipped the green-bean casserole (none of us like it) or that at pie time, the pieces will be un-naturally huge and covered with more whipped cream than a person needs to consume in an entire year.  So what?  We're talking about the basic "food is love" sort of Lost Weekend of face-stuffing.  It'll be a reminder of all that we have, and of all that we are capable of accomplishing.  Just the kind of celebration I need right now.  Yum!

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