Friday, June 11, 2010

Come Midnight

Sometime Saturday, I will sleep.  And I will sleep for all of Saturday, and perhaps all of Sunday as well--except for when the grocery delivery guy shows up, at which time I will amble down to the front door in my jammie pants and an old radio station t-shirt, to verify that he didn't forget the beer.  Then back to bed.

Until then...
  • Because it is the longest day, EVER, at the end of the longest week, EVER, what better way to start it off than by spending an HOUR sitting in traffic for a trip that normally takes 15 minutes?  Meanwhile, my car hovered dangerously close to running out of gas and the clock ticked closer and closer to me being late for work.  My God I miss smoking!  It's just so much better to be waving a cig when you're screaming expletives at random, ridiculously stupid people who are not helping the situation when they drive like assholes.  You really can't beat a cigarette as a prop when you're completely stressed.
  • I finally got off the Crosstown, dropped off the kid and DING! The "Yer Outta Gas" light lit up, so I hit the nearest gas station, and they were charging at least 20 cents more per gallon than any station anywhere near my house.  Their "cheap" gas was literally 6 cents more per gallon than mid grade at the BP by my house.  Which means that they SUCK.  So, in an effort to say exactly what I mean, and mean what I say, what I'm saying is:  The Shell Station off Highway 100 at 77th is insultingly expensive.
  • And yes, I did say "BP".  Interesting point brought up on Facebook, and maybe you've seen it floating around--where are the benefit concerts for the Gulf Coast?  Where are the fundraising efforts to help those who will be affected by the devastation there?  We can raise money for Haiti, but not for Orange Beach?  Why sit around and complain about BP not doing anything?  I mean, we already know that they're not going to do enough, so why not just do it ourselves?  Just sayin'.
  • No, I didn't just pick Orange Beach out of a hat--my dog lives there. ;-)
  • Random delicious thing I read today..."Don't dirty your hands with idle, trendy or high maintenance indulgences like lovers who don't give back."   Isn't that glorious?  I f*cking love that.
  • P.S. about the traffic thing--my boss dinged me!  Can you believe that?  I'm a freaking half hour early every stupid day, and the one day I'm stuck in Bizarro World traffic, I'm "unexcused"?  What is this, high school?  I could have sworn I was a grown up.
  • Strike that....I'm not really a grown-up.  I have some "grown-up" tendencies, but for the most part, I'm still socially unacceptable to most "adults".
  • Job interview today.  It's for a promotion in the same department.  I wish I could express how very little I care about this.  I'm not gonna lie....I'm still a little pissed about the unexcused absence thing.  Then again, if I am to be saddled with unexcused absences, somebody better throw money.
  • Justin Currie tonight, and I've been very nervous that with this week being so long, and so utterly dumb at every turn that I might be placing too much faith in the notion that a night out will undo all of the stupid crap that precedes it.  I'm sure he'll be lovely...I just have to remember to have no expectation other than that for the price of a ticket, he and I should be both standing in the same room at the same time.  Anything beyond that is a bonus. 
  • I'll be going to this shin-dig with my best girl friend, and we'll be talking about boys pretty much the entire time that Justin isn't actively doing something for which I think I need to watch to get my money's worth.  We will come to no conclusions and we will solve none of our "boy problems", but I can assure you, we'll both feel much better come midnight.

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